Partnering & Parenting

Create the family life you want.

Find the delight in parenting.

Parent & Partner wholeheartedly.

Build expectations & boundaries.


“Well, your mom already said no, so you need to listen to her.” (Good Cop/Bad Cop & Sharing Discipline)

Juggling Parent Teacher Night, Practice, Games, Recitals

“If you’d just do it now, you’ll have all night to play and relax.” (Homework & Late Night Projects)

“We visited your family for Thanksgiving last year. It’s my family’s turn this year.”

“It’d be nice if you could take out the garbage once in a while.”

Adolescence, Bullying, and Social Anxiety


The gauntlet for partners and parents is intense.

Much of my work focuses on helping partners share life together, whether it’s negotiating a vacation, instilling values in children or living together comfortably. I can help you have these tough conversations and learn how to have them at home to move through these conflicts smoothly. More importantly, I can help you have these conversations collaboratively and supportively to foster your connection and intimacy.

I also help families navigate the dynamic dance of parenting. Establishing limits, boundaries, routines and appropriate behaviors from an early age can be exhausting. It’s daunting to help a child through a bullying situation. Supporting a child with the demands of school and after-school activities can be overwhelming, when you’re already sapped from your own work.

It’s draining to foster a child’s independence while maintaining structure and expectations. Helping a child explore their identity and understand who they are can be mystifying. Teaching your children to be savvy cyber citizens is a never-ending lesson. I can help you navigate these situations, so you can be the supportive, loving parents you want to be.