Anxiety & Depression

Wake up energized, enjoy your life.

Break through the dark cloud.

Manage your anxieties and fears.

Find fulfillment through it all.


You look at the alarm and roll over, unable to face the day.
You get to work late and slink past your boss’s door.
You worry your partner is going to pester you about it again.
You wish your kid’s teacher could just handle the situation.

If any of these statements hit a chord with you, you will benefit from a supportive counseling environment where you can explore these concerns and find real solutions. I help clients address anxieties, fears, and worries to understand how they came up and what they mean. I support clients in managing their mood so life becomes energizing and fulfilling. In a safe, comfortable space, my clients develop the tools they need to address their anxieties and low moods. We also reflect on the origins of the problems and explore how to avoid them again in the future.