Kink, Fetish, Open/Poly Issues & Relationships

Feel safe and validated.

Explore your self-expression.

Navigate relationships smoothly.


>My office is a safe zone for people of all sexual and gender identities and self-expressions. I believe relationships are the fundamental building block of the human experience and I’m committed to supporting my clients create the healthy relationships they want. I believe open, poly & non-monogamous relationships can be healthy and enduring. I believe kinks and fetishes are a healthy part of self-exploration, self-expression and relationship building. I am trained and experienced in working with clients who are open, poly, non-monogamous, into kinks and fetishes. I welcome anyone who defies labels and categories. I offer compassionate, knowledgeable support to manage the difficulties that arise while pursuing all relationship models. Whether it’s social discomfort, discrimination, harassment, disclosure/coming out or other challenges, I’m an ally to help you get through it. I help my clients build hope and resilience, and I empower them to self-actualization in their own identity.