What to Expect

The first step may be the toughest – calling or emailing me to set up a first session. You may feel awkward or vulnerable. It takes courage. Once you get the ball rolling, things get easier. Call me now and tell me how I can be helpful 720-468-0676.

Partnership and collaboration for the bedrock of my approach. Fostering compassion and identifying strengths are some of our building blocks. When we meet, we’ll chat in my safe, private office about your concerns, your goals and your expectations. We’ll address any fears or worries you have and we’ll come up with a plan.

During sessions, we’ll talk about the ongoing concerns you want to address, develop strategies to handle them and how to avoid them moving forward. We’ll explore who you are, how you came to be you, and who you want to be.

Here are some strategies my clients learn early on:

  • Say what you mean to say and speak in unarguable truths (naming your emotions and sensations).
  • Ask open-ended questions that start with How or What and avoid yes-no questions that limit dialogue and can     put people on the defensive.
  • Replace statements that include ‘I don’t-want’ with ‘I would-like’.
  • Any phrase that uses ‘but’ invalidates what came before it. Instead, use ‘and-at-the-same-time’ to acknowledge and contribute to what was said.
  • Make explicit requests to get what you want.
  • Listen to your body to know how you’re feeling. (Move out of your reactive, story-telling, thinky-thoughty place.)
  • Honor your feelings, use them to go where you need to go, and move through them.

When we get going, you’ll use these helpful truths:

  • Anyone gets to feel anything at anytime.
  • When we take responsibility, we choose power.
  • When we rescue others, we undermine their power to help themselves.

You can also read my blog here to learn more about my counseling and experience.

Payment Information:

My current rate is $175 per 50-minute session. This rate may change without notice.
I do not accept insurance. I accept cash, check and credit card at time of service.

As a social worker, I’m committed to making my services accessible. I have a sliding-scale policy for those who need it; we can discuss this openly.

Here’s an interesting article that helps explain why I choose to not accept insurance. In short, insurance may cost you confidentiality, force you to carry a diagnostic label, put at risk your private health information, and diminish my opportunity for real client work.