A Mother Blisses Out

One of my favorite people from my two short years in New Orleans is a beautiful, engaged mother, married to another of my favorite nola people. I had just met her first son a few times before we scattered. Since then, her tribe has grown, and Facebook allows me to keep up on her adventures, challenges and fulfillment in motherhood. I adore her, and the 21st century way we get to stay connected, even if loosely. Recently she posted the brief anecdote below and it struck me. Enjoy.

one of my favorite moments

by Nahoko Kawakyu on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lately, the boys and I have been playing cards or “Guess Who” after Sora goes to sleep in the evening (we have to wait for her to go to bed, otherwise she runs too much interference).  While we play, there are these moments when it is either Aodhan or Rai’s turn and they are thinking, and it is quiet except for the fan from the wood burning stove warming the house.  We do not rush; two of us have to wait quietly for the other to think, decide, and make a move, and time seems to be suspended.  I don’t know how long these moments last- these waiting moments- these basking moments- these moments in which we share a common experience, silently.  I treasure these moments with the boys, and am grateful that I can be present in their company- here/now.