Dental care is not just about pearly whites! Check out this clip:

In my work at a local non-profit, many of my conversations with parents are about dental hygiene. So many parents understandably give up the struggle to get their children to brush. It’s a struggle enough to get typically… Read More

Well Blog asks: Are you Hooked on Tech?

An interesting follow-up to my earlier post on tech’s impact on our relationships: Well Blog asks: Are you Hooked on Tech? “For many people, technology is not only changing the way they work and communicate, it’s changing their… Read More

From NPR: Experiencing Teen Drama Overload?

Here’s an interesting piece I heard on NPR Monday morning. I’d love to get your insights – have these strategies worked for you? Experiencing Teen Drama Overload? And here’s the book they reference: Getting To Calm: Cool-Headed Strategies… Read More

Falling into the same old arguments? Climb your way out.

Another quick exercise from Power of Two that will help you identify some common pitfalls that lead you to think, “Not this Again!” This activity was created by Power of Two: online marriage help for relationship problems. Visit… Read More

“I am me, now. It’s just when I text or email, I can’t always be me.”

I overheard part of a conversation recently waiting in line – a girl speaking on her cell phone:“I am me, now. It’s just when I text, or email, I can’t always be me. But now, it’s me! I’m… Read More

It Takes Two: Do Away with Posturing and Seek a Win-Win

Sometimes, we get a great idea, so sure our partner will go gaga for it, and come to find out, he’s so preoccupied with something else, it’s a non-starter. That first refusal comes out insulting or avoiding; we… Read More

Take a moment to self-assess: How are your relationship skills?

Take a few moments to reflect. Below you can take a short, insightful quiz that will help you look at the way you react to and interact with your partner. It will give you some new options and… Read More

Dropping the Don’ts, Doubling the Do’s.

As I’ve written in the past, saying what you want gets you there much faster than saying what you don’t want. In the same vein, saying things clearly and positively make it much easier to be heard. And… Read More

You think you know your partner?

If nothing else, simple quizzes can spark ways for you to gain new insights about your relationships. They can trigger you to consider going back to the topics of initial curiosity, in the early days of your relationship,… Read More

Holding On by Letting Go

We can hold on to what’s most important by letting go of the little stuff. We can improve our relationships by learning to let go of the minor details. So often it boils down to the little pieces… Read More