Rewrite the Script with Connection

Have you ever found yourself on either side of this conversation? A: “You never look up and acknowledge me when I get home. You’re just buried in your phone.” B: “I didn’t realize I have to greet you… Read More

The Climate Change of Relationships

As our climate changes, storms get bigger, wildfires are more destructive, and even wind patterns become more unpredictable. These volatile wind patterns affect airplane travel by causing severe turbulence during flight. When relationships go unattended to – when… Read More

Relationships as Celestial Bodies in Orbit

Popular media often conceptualize romantic relationships as one partner being “complete” upon finding a “soulmate.” This has been reinforced with ceremonial practices of pouring wine or sand into one vessel, representing two becoming one. While the sentiment may… Read More

Family Affairs: Valentine’s Day Special

Is a goat sacrifice and a pilgrimage on your schedule for Valentine’s? Where does this day come from and what has it become? How can you show yourself some love on this day? If these questions catch your… Read More

Compassion and Kindness

Compassion and kindness are very much like the muscles in our bodies: we need to attend to them regularly to stay emotionally flexible and strong. Recently, I was at a movie, heading for the bathroom; I found myself… Read More

Fellow Therapists: Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) is here!

  Do you have a client who is stuck in their therapy process? Do you have a client who struggles to stay embodied enough to communicate verbally while triggered? Which of your clients would benefit from therapeutic touch… Read More

Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP)- April Intensive

Do you get flustered when trying to talk about your feelings? Do you feel stuck in your healing process? Are you ready to regain momentum?   “Deep healing on your own terms… with the extra juice that comes… Read More

Connection & Belonging Soothe Isolation & Rejection

From the Times of Israel a powerful blog post on the importance of community to bring a sense of connection and belonging to families adjusting to an out LGBTQ child in the midst of a community that has historically… Read More

Resource: Support Makes Separation & Divorce Less Adversarial

I encourage people in relationships to find a relationship counselor long before it’s needed. For those in relationships who don’t, it’s sometimes too late to save the relationship. At the same time, counseling can be the perfect resource to… Read More

Build Shock Absorbers For a Stable Foundation

Skyscrapers and highways use shock absorbers to protect their integrity and stability when the earth trembles beneath them. My work with clients serves the same purpose. I help people install shock absorbers so their emotional experiences do not rattle… Read More