How Couples Counseling Helps Build Strong Partnerships: LeBauer Counseling, Denver, CO Life can get overwhelming, with all we have to get done and take care of. Our relationships are supposed to rejuvenate us, but sometimes they just drain us.  Counseling helps couples face the difficulties, move through the… Read More

Counseling Helps: LeBauer Counseling, Denver, CO

Enduring Love Doesn’t Just Happen

Enduring Love Doesn’t Just Happen. You’ll have to work for it to last. So we’re reminded by Jane Brody’s recent post on the NYT Well blog: That Loving Feeling Takes a Lot of Work Studies by Richard E…. Read More

“Please Don’t Help My Kids”

Please Don’t Help My Kids by Kate Bassford Baker“Dear Other Parents At The Park: Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them I wasn’t going to do it… Read More

Dr. Susan Heitler,

A new promotional video for my colleague Dr. Susan Heitler.

Noah St. John’s winning story at Snap Judgment

How to read our fears: Karen Thompson Walker at TEDGlobal 2012

On Loving Speech

“Loving speech is an important aspect of practice. We say only loving things. We say the truth in a loving way, with nonviolence. This can only be done when we are calm. When we are irritated, we may… Read More

Five Trust Building Do’s from

What’s needed in these times of diminished trust, are positive trust building “dos.” Want more trusting relationships at work? Here are five simple trust building dos that will enhance work relationships, no matter your role: 1. Operate with respect…. Read More

Listen Compassionately, No Need to Solve Right Away

Many people have asked me recently how to be present for their loved ones, how to listen well, and what to say in response to some very challenging feelings. First, know that it does take real effort, skill, and… Read More