Falling into the same old arguments? Climb your way out.

Another quick exercise from Power of Two that will help you identify some common pitfalls that lead you to think, “Not this Again!” This activity was created by Power of Two: online marriage help for relationship problems. Visit… Read More

“I am me, now. It’s just when I text or email, I can’t always be me.”

I overheard part of a conversation recently waiting in line – a girl speaking on her cell phone:“I am me, now. It’s just when I text, or email, I can’t always be me. But now, it’s me! I’m… Read More

It Takes Two: Do Away with Posturing and Seek a Win-Win

Sometimes, we get a great idea, so sure our partner will go gaga for it, and come to find out, he’s so preoccupied with something else, it’s a non-starter. That first refusal comes out insulting or avoiding; we… Read More

Dropping the Don’ts, Doubling the Do’s.

As I’ve written in the past, saying what you want gets you there much faster than saying what you don’t want. In the same vein, saying things clearly and positively make it much easier to be heard. And… Read More

“Whow” Your Way to a Better Relationship

You can rely on two easy words to “Whow” your way to a better relationship. It just takes some effort to pick up on the way you currently ask questions, and then replace them with more effective questions…. Read More