Fellow Therapists: Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) is here!

  Do you have a client who is stuck in their therapy process? Do you have a client who struggles to stay embodied enough to communicate verbally while triggered? Which of your clients would benefit from therapeutic touch… Read More

Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP)- April Intensive

Do you get flustered when trying to talk about your feelings? Do you feel stuck in your healing process? Are you ready to regain momentum?   “Deep healing on your own terms… with the extra juice that comes… Read More

Resource: Support Makes Separation & Divorce Less Adversarial

I encourage people in relationships to find a relationship counselor long before it’s needed. For those in relationships who don’t, it’s sometimes too late to save the relationship. At the same time, counseling can be the perfect resource to… Read More

Steer Me, Guide Me: Practice the Tough Stuff with Your Therapist

Recently, I experienced one of the more powerful, important conversations a therapist can have with a client. Deep in the middle of an intense exploration, my client asked me what they should do. This is a trick question… Read More

Why I Don’t Accept Insurance.

When I opened my private psychotherapy practice, I made a decision to accept private-pay only. This means I accept payment by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. More importantly, it means I do not accept or bill insurance. I do not… Read More

Entrepreneurs & Start-Up Professionals Get Support Too

In the daunting, isolating world of Entrepreneurs & Start-Up Founders, many people have a hard time getting the emotional support they need. Many of my clients who are Entrepreneurs and Start-up Professionals & Founders report being overwhelmed, without… Read More

Step Out of the Chaos & Embrace Yourself

When we choose to live authentically, we establish good boundaries and healthier interactions. We take responsibility for our roles. We step outside the dysfunctional system we’ve been in. By no longer colluding in the dysfunction, we up-end the… Read More

Orbiting, Explicit Requests, Self-Growth for Great Relationships

  In another great article on establishing healthy partnerships, The Good Men Project offers “10 Things People Who Are Great At Relationships Do Differently.” Here are three from this list that come up most frequently in my work with… Read More

Build Contentment to find Success, not vice versa.

One of the most common recurring themes in my work with clients is the pursuit of enduring contentment: How can they build on experiences of joy and happiness, fulfillment and contentment, once they’ve emerged from distress? This TED… Read More

Gays, put down the drink and connect!

Please read this important op-ed by Tyler Curry in The Advocate that explores why binge drinking is so acceptable among gay men. Curry turns personal and stays kinda surface; I’ve found with my clients that there are often deeper psychosocial… Read More