Resources for Speaking with Children about Tragedy & Violence

Here are some curated Resources for Speaking with Children about Tragedy & Violence from Dr. Brene Brown, a researcher and professor on vulnerability and courage. If you haven’t seen her Ted talks, take the time by clicking here.

Shame On You: Leave It Behind

Brene Brown, Ph.D. has become one of my favorite lecturers and writers on the human condition. Her work on vulnerability and shame is powerful and accessible. You can see her TED profile & talks here.In this short clip,… Read More

“Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?”

In her May 2012 article, “Can you Call a 9-year Old a Psychopath?“, Jennifer Kahn explores the therapeutic and parental challenges that seems to surround children whose behavior falls well outside the bounds designated typical. Specifically, she looks… Read More

“Researchers find a country’s wealth correlates with its collective knowledge”

A friend recently forwarded to me a brief article that describes new research on the correlation between economic complexity and prosperity – communal knowledge and economic success. “The researchers, led by Ricardo Hausmann, director of Harvard’s Center for International Development and… Read More

Puzzles to Stretch the Mind, to Distract and to Grow

Research continues to show that solving puzzles can have significant impact on our brains. I haven’t seen much certainty about how they help or to what extent, but hopefully ongoing research will have more concrete answers in the… Read More

“Can preschool boost the IQ scores of poor African-American children and prevent them from failing in school?”

American Radio Works’ Early LessonsClick the blue link just above to read the full article and hear the radio report, plus some pictures. “The Perry Preschool was the idea of a man named David Weikart. He was a school system… Read More

Bullying: “A dark, vicious side of adolescence” and Parents Feel Lost

Bullying in the 21st Century is more often than not Cyberbullying; bullying will never be just ‘a fact of life’ nor a natural part of growing up. “This is a dark, vicious side of adolescence, enabled and magnified by… Read More

Like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders fall on a Spectrum

Like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders fall on a Spectrum, and should each be addressed individually with a unique combination of behavioral, emotional and if need be medicinal interventions. I tend to lean towards behavioral and emotional interventions when… Read More