Connection & Belonging Soothe Isolation & Rejection

From the Times of Israel a powerful blog post on the importance of community to bring a sense of connection and belonging to families adjusting to an out LGBTQ child in the midst of a community that has historically… Read More

30 Lessons About Relationships

While David Artavia speaks primarily to gay men in his article “30 Things I’ve Learned about Gay Relationships While Being Single,” most of them apply to all relationships. It’s a though-provoking list of some big lessons about connecting, love and… Read More

Gays, put down the drink and connect!

Please read this important op-ed by Tyler Curry in The Advocate that explores why binge drinking is so acceptable among gay men. Curry turns personal and stays kinda surface; I’ve found with my clients that there are often deeper psychosocial… Read More

Who do you recognize in this video?

John Legend’s new video for You & I is out.   It’s a moving look at the inherent beauty of the female experience, even through struggle & adversity: it captures growth, resilience, grief, perseverance, pride, loss and power. You… Read More

StoryCorps listens to a Trans couple

“You said that you were in the wrong body, that you should be a man.” In 1997, Les (L) and Scott (R) GrantSmith’s marriage was on the rocks. They had been together for 10 years and were raising… Read More

NYTimes Money Issue Addresses Financial & Legal Issues for Same-sex Couples

The NY Times recently published a clear, informative article on the disparities and challenges faced by same-sex couples pursuing the same financial and legal safeguards afforded to heterosexual couples by marriage. The article both illuminates the complexity of… Read More

A Cure for HIV? Hallelujah

‘Let’s bottle up that magic potion and get it shipped! How exciting that millions of mothers and babies in Africa dying of AIDS will soon be cured. How exciting that we won’t lose another generation of young gay… Read More