Connection & Belonging Soothe Isolation & Rejection

From the Times of Israel a powerful blog post on the importance of community to bring a sense of connection and belonging to families adjusting to an out LGBTQ child in the midst of a community that has historically… Read More

Show Kindness to Raise Kindness

In order to raise children who are kind and compassionate, we must show them kindness and compassion. Much like children must see us regulating our emotions (e.g. to stay calm when we’re frustrated) to learn to do it,… Read More

Fewer Activities, More Successful Kids?

  New research seems to indicate (through correlation, not causation) that fewer structured activities may be better for children. Fewer classes, teams, practices and groups may lead to children with higher functioning and more success. More opportunity for… Read More

Facebook Stands Up to Bullying, if little and late

From NPR: “Facebook Takes On Cyberbullies As More Teens Leave Site” by EMILY SINER November 07, 2013 A taste: “The social networking site with 1.2 billion users worldwide released a “bullying prevention hub” this week. It’s essentially an… Read More

Parenting & Discipline Strategies for Emotionally Healthy Children

Some helpful Do’s & Don’t’s and Parenting Strategies from my colleague Zach Rawlings. “Remember that by understanding your child’s threshold for stress and connecting with them in meaningful ways will have a positive effect on their development. Don’t… Read More

Raise Healthy Cyber Citizens: Partner With Your Child

There’s no reasonable expectation that parents will monitor all online activities of their children. (Adults have a hard enough time monitoring, and limiting, their own online activities.) At the same time, untethered freedom of online activities can easily… Read More

Bullying: An Empathy Challenge. Stand up!

Last week I attended an author talk at the Denver JCC by Emily Bazelon (@emilybazelon) of Slate and Yale Law School. She has researched and written about bullying extensively, including her book Sticks & Stones:; Defeating the Culture of… Read More

Epic Parenting through the Fireworks

Now this is epic parenting! And the easiest way to a smile you’ll find! This dad’s attunement to his daughter’s timing is astonishing. Note his awareness of her mind wandering back to the fireworks; he is honest with… Read More

Chips and chocolate in the pantry can make for good parenting!

What does it mean to be a great parent? It doesn’t mean loving every minute of it. Take it from a dad of 3 boys:  Let Me Be the One Who Says It Out Loud    

“Please Don’t Help My Kids”

Please Don’t Help My Kids by Kate Bassford Baker“Dear Other Parents At The Park: Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them I wasn’t going to do it… Read More