Family Affairs: Valentine’s Day Special

Is a goat sacrifice and a pilgrimage on your schedule for Valentine’s? Where does this day come from and what has it become? How can you show yourself some love on this day? If these questions catch your… Read More

Compassion and Kindness

Compassion and kindness are very much like the muscles in our bodies: we need to attend to them regularly to stay emotionally flexible and strong. Recently, I was at a movie, heading for the bathroom; I found myself… Read More

Fellow Therapists: Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) is here!

  Do you have a client who is stuck in their therapy process? Do you have a client who struggles to stay embodied enough to communicate verbally while triggered? Which of your clients would benefit from therapeutic touch… Read More

Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP)- April Intensive

Do you get flustered when trying to talk about your feelings? Do you feel stuck in your healing process? Are you ready to regain momentum?   “Deep healing on your own terms… with the extra juice that comes… Read More

Healthy Boundaries: Keeping Work at Work

In the 21st century, it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate between work space and life space. How can we keep work from intruding on our personal time if we fear it puts our job at risk for someone who… Read More

Morning Routines Shape the Rest of Your Day!

Taking the time and making the commitment to create a good morning routine pays off in spades. Even if it only lasts a week, then you go out of town, come home and fail to get back into… Read More

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys: Resilience to Anxiety & Burnout

Thank you to everyone who participated, asked questions, and shared during my recent #DenStartupWeek Panel Discussion on fostering resilience to anxiety and burnout as entrepreneurs and startup professionals. The event was standing room only and the conversation was… Read More

Why I Don’t Accept Insurance.

When I opened my private psychotherapy practice, I made a decision to accept private-pay only. This means I accept payment by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. More importantly, it means I do not accept or bill insurance. I do not… Read More

Entrepreneurs & Start-Up Professionals Get Support Too

In the daunting, isolating world of Entrepreneurs & Start-Up Founders, many people have a hard time getting the emotional support they need. Many of my clients who are Entrepreneurs and Start-up Professionals & Founders report being overwhelmed, without… Read More

Quitting Can Be Good For Everyone

Many of my clients strive to be engaged in their communities by volunteering, serving on Boards of Directors for non-profits, and working as lay leaders. This can be incredibly rewarding and enriching work. Martin Seligman describes this in… Read More