Accept the Invitation: See Yourself, Love Yourself, Know Yourself

Here is a beautifully written short piece on turning inward to see yourself – give yourself the validation, love, compassion you’ve sought externally from your friends and loved ones – written by a beloved teacher of mine, Andra… Read More

Step Out of the Chaos & Embrace Yourself

When we choose to live authentically, we establish good boundaries and healthier interactions. We take responsibility for our roles. We step outside the dysfunctional system we’ve been in. By no longer colluding in the dysfunction, we up-end the… Read More

Burning the Candle at Both Ends Without Getting Burned

Here are the slides from Matthew’s talk at #DENStartupWeek 2014: DSW BurnOut Sept 2014 Here are the Resources & References from the end of the slides: Gottman Institute Julie Colwell Brene Brown Shawn Achor Dan Gilbert TED: Happiness Martin Seligman Gay &… Read More

30 Lessons About Relationships

While David Artavia speaks primarily to gay men in his article “30 Things I’ve Learned about Gay Relationships While Being Single,” most of them apply to all relationships. It’s a though-provoking list of some big lessons about connecting, love and… Read More

Your Cynicism Is Defeating You

A quick post on Psychology Today recently gives a brief look at new research on cynicism and potential links to dementia. Cynicism is a distrust in the intentions of others or a belief that others are motivated by… Read More

Gays, put down the drink and connect!

Please read this important op-ed by Tyler Curry in The Advocate that explores why binge drinking is so acceptable among gay men. Curry turns personal and stays kinda surface; I’ve found with my clients that there are often deeper psychosocial… Read More

Who do you recognize in this video?

John Legend’s new video for You & I is out.   It’s a moving look at the inherent beauty of the female experience, even through struggle & adversity: it captures growth, resilience, grief, perseverance, pride, loss and power. You… Read More

Pressure Boosts Creativity? Perhaps for the Neurotic Among Us

New research out of Singapore & Taiwan seems to indicate worry can bolster creativity. Neurotic people seem to display “greater flexibility in generating ideas” after worrisome thoughts, such as deadlines or disapproval from supervisors. You can read more here:… Read More

Not Sleeping Through The Night? Not to worry.

It’s been ingrained in us that we need plenty of sleep to function during the day. Many of us know we don’t function well without our precious 8 hours. We’ve been led to believe that our sleep should… Read More

Dear Naptime, Sorry I was so mean as a kid.

Most adults wish they could go back to childhood and savor the nap times and early bedtimes. Most parents understand the importance of plenty of sleep for their children. There’s more than enough in-your-face evidence that a lack… Read More