It’s the regular movement that’s the most important.

“And if you have little experience with injury and are comfortable with your stride, then by all means, stick with it, as is. The best running form, Mr. Kulmala said, is any that keeps you moving regularly.” In… Read More

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How to Lose & Not Feel Defeated

Ashley Merryman chimed in again recently in a NYTimes Op-Ed proclaiming “Losing Is Good For You” to continue dispelling the myths of “everyone’s a winner.” She spreads the good word about the power of losing to teach persistence… Read More

Good Connection: The Key to Good Therapy

My colleague, Kendra Doukas, LMFT, recently wrote an excellent blog post on unconditional positive regard as an essential element to establish a good connection, or a “goodness of fit” with clients. She writes beautifully about the capacity to… Read More

Awesome feedback: Creating Change in a Safe Space

I recently received some awesome feedback from a former client (shared with permission): “The space you create in your office was very helpful to me and the time we spent together has traveled with me far past those… Read More

What are your habits for happiness?

You might have seen the HuffPost article, The Habits of Supremely Happy People, circulated. You can read it here. So, which of these habits do you have? Here are some of my thoughts: With some intense work over… Read More

Find Your Happy Place at LeBauer Counseling

Whether you’re looking for individual or couples counseling, dealing with conflict and communication issues, or need help transitioning back to school and the Fall, LeBauer Counseling can help. I help people identify the issues that are holding them… Read More

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Exercise to Moderate Your Appetite

The Appetite Workout By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS “Their restraint, the researchers said, was due to a concomitant increase in other hormones that initiate satiety. These hormones, only recently discovered and still not well understood, tell the body that it has taken… Read More

Help Break Down the Stigma Around Therapy

This collection of secrets is sad to read. So many unfulfilled lives and unmet needs. If therapy wasn’t assigned the stigma it now carries, many of these people would benefit much from the experience. Please help tear down… Read More