Isolation for Rejuvenation, uncomfortable and profound

Getting Far, Far Away From It All By HILARY STOUT Published: December 2, 2011 Above is a link to a great intro article to the growing practice of isolating retreats. A wonderful read.  One aspect that catches my… Read More

Embracing Otherness, Managing Our Selves

In Thandie Newton’s recent Ted Talk, she discusses her experience of Otherness and her exploration of Self. She comments on her rejected, unruly, dysfunctional Self and ways in which her pursuit of Awareness and Oneness helps her control her Self and… Read More

Forgiveness and Re-Shaping

One of the more difficult challenges I face with couples is forgiveness and re-shaping: how can I forgive the years of hurt and resentment? How can I re-shape the way I see my partner and his/her role in… Read More

Surviving Adversity, Building Resilience

An interesting piece on Resilience and how our challenging experiences lead us to manage the new ones. NYTimes:  On Road to Recovery, Past Adversity Provides a Map By BENEDICT CAREY Published: January 3, 2011 “Whatever else it holds, this new… Read More

Puzzles to Stretch the Mind, to Distract and to Grow

Research continues to show that solving puzzles can have significant impact on our brains. I haven’t seen much certainty about how they help or to what extent, but hopefully ongoing research will have more concrete answers in the… Read More

Maya Angelou: Poetry in Self-Defense

Maya Angelou – a longtime favorite of mine. I was elated when she spoke my freshman year at Duke. I nearly perfected a brief impersonation, including her speech’s catch phrase: “go out and get it.” She started that speech… Read More

1 on 1 time Helps Protect Against Mental Health Concerns?

PsychCentral published a short article about a new study out showing that the 1 on 1 time you spend with your kiddos may be acting like a preventive measure, a vaccine of sorts, against future mental health concerns,… Read More

NYT: Your Brain on Tech!

The NYT has an article on the impact of technology on our brains. And the necessity of down-time, disconnecting to recuperate. Take a look: Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

Dental care is not just about pearly whites! Check out this clip:

In my work at a local non-profit, many of my conversations with parents are about dental hygiene. So many parents understandably give up the struggle to get their children to brush. It’s a struggle enough to get typically… Read More