Your Cynicism Is Defeating You

A quick post on Psychology Today recently gives a brief look at new research on cynicism and potential links to dementia. Cynicism is a distrust in the intentions of others or a belief that others are motivated by self-interest alone. It can contribute to negative attitudes, isolation, bleak outlooks, all which take a toll on us. Previous research indicates that people who are more open and optimist have lower risk for dementia.

Takeaway: when you notice your cynicism or negative outlook taking over, take a step back and re-assess. I’ve recently had to do that, at a friend’s prompting, and take responsibility for choices I was making fed by negative stories. I was feeding off of and fostering a negative view point. I got stuck in the drama. When I took responsibility, saw my choice to be in it, I was able to re-write the narrative, find opportunity to change it and my perspective on it. You can do the same.

When we re-orient our mindset to positive outlooks, our daily lives are less drama-filled, more rewarding, and, if the research stands, we lower our risk for dementia.


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