Fellow Therapists: Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) is here!

Do you have a client who is stuck in their therapy process?

Do you have a client who struggles to stay embodied enough to communicate verbally while triggered?

Which of your clients would benefit from therapeutic touch as a support to their talk therapy?


“Deep healing on your own terms… with the extra juice that comes from being witnessed by not only one healing professional, but two! Powerful!”
(JL – Denver, CO)

Denver ECP Intensive

April 14-16, 2017

The Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) Intensive uses a two-practitioner model to deepen and ignite the healing process through simultaneous psychotherapy and bodywork.  ECP is a short-term, supplemental approach designed to work in support of ongoing/previous talk therapy. The Intensive is complementary to the therapeutic relationship already in place and is not a replacement for the important attachment established between client and therapist.
ECP is appropriate for clients who are well-resourced, who are or previously were in long-term therapy, and are prepared to dig deep to emerge from inertia and regain a healing momentum.
Professional bodywork practitioners and mental health care providers are also welcome as clients in the ECP Intensive. For more information and to find out if you or your clients are eligible for participation in the upcoming Denver Intensive, contact us today at:

Matthew LeBauer, LCSW

Heather Lenox, HTCP