Find Your Happy Place at LeBauer Counseling

Whether you’re looking for individual or couples counseling, dealing with conflict and communication issues, or need help transitioning back to school and the Fall, LeBauer Counseling can help. I help people identify the issues that are holding them back, interfering with their happiness, causing conflict in their relationships, and then work with them to overcome those challenges. I help clients understand how they got where they are, what contributed to the situation, and find paths through it. Clients find a comfortable, supportive space in which to explore how they can get where they want to be. What are the small action steps they can take that will add up to real change. I help clients when life is easier said than done to get back to the doing; I help them make the life they want to live.

My office is located at 8158 E 5th Ave.,  Suite 260, Denver, CO 80230.