Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP)

ECP may help when you

-have trouble talking about your feelings
-feel emotionally “stuck” in your healing process
-are ready to attune your mind-body connection

Deep healing on your own terms, with the extra juice that comes from being witnessed by not only one healing professional, but two! Powerful!
(JL – Denver, CO)

Embodied Collaborative Psychotherapy (ECP) uses a two-practitioner model to deepen and ignite your healing process through simultaneous psychotherapy and touch therapy. This collaborative structure helps empower you, validates your sense of self, and offers you a therapeutic challenge. Together, we will activate the mind-body connection to help you move past your roadblocks.

ECP is appropriate for clients who are currently or were previously in long-term therapy; it is also beneficial for professional bodywork practitioners and mental health care providers.

Matthew LeBauer works with Heather Lenox, HTCP in ECP. For more information, please contact us.