What to Expect

Asking for help is not always easy, particularly if it’s your first time working with a counselor. Calling or emailing me is a courageous first step. Be PROUD of yourself for wanting to improve your situation, and for taking the necessary action to do so!

Partnership and collaboration are key ingredients in my therapeutic approach. We’ll schedule a time to meet in my office. There, we’ll discuss your concerns, goals, and expectations, and develop a plan to address them. After our initial session, we can determine how often to meet and which times work best. We’ll continue to identify your strengths, cultivate compassion, and work through your fears. We’ll explore who you are, how you came to be you, and who you want to be. The process takes time, energy, and commitment; I’m ready and willing to give these as long as you’ll do the same.

Here are a few practices I like to use in sessions:

Client Communication Strategies:

  • Say what you mean to say
  • Make explicit requests
  • Ask open-ended questions that begin with “How” or “What”; avoid Yes-or-No questions that limit dialogue and encourage a defensive tone
  • Replace “I don’t want…” with “I would like…”
  • Replace the conjunction “but…” with “and at the same time…” to acknowledge and contribute to what was previously stated
  • Attune to your body; understand how you physically respond to emotional situations. Learn to use your body awareness to improve your response to them.
  • Honor and validate your feelings

Helpful Truths:

  • Anyone can feel anything at any time.
  • When we take ownership of our thoughts, actions, and behaviors, we become empowered.
  • When we attempt to “fix” or “rescue” others, we undermine their power to help themselves.
  • Boundaries and independence make relationships stronger.
  • Practice kindness like it’s a muscle to be exercised.
  • Practice bids for connection daily.
  • Accept influence from your partner.

You can also read my blog here to learn more about my counseling and experience.

Payment Information:

My current rate is $215 per 50-minute session. This rate may change without notice. As a clinical Social Worker, I’m committed to making my services accessible to everyone. I have a reduced fee policy for those who may need it. Please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

I do not accept health insurance; I will accept cash, check and credit card at time of service.

Why I do not accept insurance:

  • Insurance companies require a formal mental health diagnosis
  • They also require confidential information from your record
  • Insurance does not cover couples/relationship counseling
  • The time required for paperwork prevents me from working directly with you

Please consult this blog post for more information re: my policy: https://lebauercounseling.com/why-i-dont-accept-insurance/

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