Like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders fall on a Spectrum

Like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders fall on a Spectrum, and should each be addressed individually with a unique combination of behavioral, emotional and if need be medicinal interventions. I tend to lean towards behavioral and emotional interventions when possible. Even when medicinal options are chosen, as they can be very effective, it’s important to continue to pursue behavioral interventions to bolster and solidify the results from the medicine.

However relief and a return to productivity are accomplished, the cultural swing towards dismissing the impact of ADD/ADHD is a disservice to those who would benefit from real intervention but are missing out because it’s so easy to blame the fractured attention patterns of our technology filled days. Texting and gaming are not stealing our attention spans. They may be modifying how we devote our attention; I’m not convinced they are to blame for ADD/ADHD – nor that limiting them significantly would have a significant impact on ADD/ADHD cases.

The NYTimes had an interesting article recently. I welcome your feedback on the topic.