Morning Routines Shape the Rest of Your Day!

Taking the time and making the commitment to create a good morning routine pays off in spades.
Even if it only lasts a week, then you go out of town, come home and fail to get back into it.
Just forgive yourself and pick up right where you left off.
Here’s a great article with some solid ideas and explanations to create a morning routine that will lead you to fulfilling days.
Do I stick to all of these? No. And I forgive myself for that and stay committed to shaping over time a version of this that works best for me. Mine includes coloring, I know that much. What does yours include? Give it a try – shape it, shift it, build and play with your morning routine until it becomes sustainable, realistic, and rewarding. Then do it for a month and see how things are going. Let me know. Keep me posted. What has been most helpful? And what not so much?
Here’s a secret: If there is something that would be helpful to you but you can’t find a way to make it happen in the morning, don’t forget it. Just work it in later in the day. If I don’t get some meditation in in the morning, I do it for 5-10 minutes between clients. If I don’t get protein in my breakfast, that’s fine. I keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and take them to work with me.

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