No Shit, Sherlock: “Deporting Parents Hurts Kids”

It concerns me that this distinction is an issue: families being torn apart by the Immigration Deportation regime. How can it be so taxing to differentiate between families and violent criminals. I have multiple client families where one parent of a child with a disability has been deported, or lost in detention for months, while their family struggles to get by and wonders where is their loved one.

Deporting Parents Hurts Kids Op-Ed from the NYTimes, April 21, 2012:


Read the first few paragraphs here, then follow the link for more:
“LAST May, President Obama told an audience in El Paso that deportation of immigrants would focus on “violent offenders and people convicted of crimes; not families, not folks who are just looking to scrape together an income.”
Two weeks ago, however, the Department of Homeland Security released a report that flatly belies the new policy.  From January to June 2011, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 46,486 undocumented parents who claimed to have at least one child who is an American citizen.
In contrast, in the entire decade between 1998 and 2007, about 100,000 such parents were removed. The extraordinary acceleration in the dismantling of these families, part of the government’s efforts to meet an annual quota of about 400,000 deportations, has had devastating results.
Research by the Urban Institute and others reveals the deep and irreversible harm that parental deportation causes in the lives of their children. Having a parent ripped away permanently, without warning, is one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences in human development.”

More undocumented immigrants have been deported under Obama than any previous administration, without differentiation between violent criminals and other undocumented residents.

Maria Hinojosa’s Frontline documentary, “Lost in Detention.” FRONTLINE and the Investigative Reporting Workshop examine the Obama administration’s controversial get-tough immigration policy.