NPR: Families Fight To Care For Kids with Disabilities At Home

A significant part of my work at Denver Options, a local non-profit, involves helping families understand what the system can offer them as their children turn 21. The flip side is what the system will no longer provide. The scales seem to tip toward the latter. This proves to be one of the most difficult aspects of my work with families. The resources we can provide to families are already few and far between. When we then tell them that things will get tougher and less will be available when their child turns 21, the effects on everyone involved can be dramatic. NPR aired a piece yesterday about one such family with a daughter facing this transition. It is far from comprehensive, but sheds light on a situation happening daily across the country. This piece illuminates the extraordinary costs, the immense and passionate love, the complexities of the public policy, and the enduring fight to find the best way to handle such delicate situations. I strongly encourage you to listen – it’s inspiring, uplifting, challenging and eye-opening. And I welcome your comments.

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Families Fight To Care For Disabled Kids At Home

by JOSEPH SHAPIRO, November 8, 2010