Practice Kindness to Uplift and Connect – yourself and others

Like gratitude, practicing kindness can uplift us, connect us more deeply to others, and inspire those around us to engage more kindly in their worlds. Kindness, like putting a smile on your face when you’re feeling dour, can improve your mood. It can help you get unstuck from your rut. Kindness helps you reach out, when you just keep turning inwardly to self-recrimincation.

Here’s a great, short post on 100 ways to be kind to your kids. Not only is it a great list to re-assure yourself of all the wonderful ways you’re already excelling at parenting; it’s also a great reminder of ways you can practice kindness, not just with your kids, but generalized to ways you can put kindness out into the world.

How do you practice kindness? How do you know when it\’s time to put some kindness out into the world?