Marriage & Couples Counseling

Strengthen your bond.

Build your friendship.

Overcome hurdles together.

When clients in relationships first come in, we spend time exploring the connection in the relationship and learning a new language, which can feel stop ‘n go. Once you’re able to communicate effectively, we explore the pleasures and challenges of your relationship. We look at the conflicts and often hidden fears/concerns that make a partnership challenging. We fortify the friendship at the foundation as we address conflicts and handle new ones as they come up. We get to the deep work of what each person really wants in life: what brings us into flow and into our essence. We foster connection and intimacy to build the relationship you seek. My practice with clients in relationships is informed by my training with Dr. Susan Heitler, my study with Dr. Julie Colwell, and the work of by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, and Dr. Sue Johnson. I’m also strongly influenced by the research of Brené Brown on wholehearted living, shame and vulnerability. I combine emotion-focused work with communication and conflict resolution skills, and conscious living and loving work to help couples enjoy connection and intimacy. Through this work, couples can engage wholeheartedly in their relationship.

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