Resource: Support Makes Separation & Divorce Less Adversarial

I encourage people in relationships to find a relationship counselor long before it’s needed. For those in relationships who don’t, it’s sometimes too late to save the relationship. At the same time, counseling can be the perfect resource to end a relationship smoothly and amicably. As much as I help clients improve their relationships, I also help people move through the process of ending it compassionately.

For those who need legal processes to resolve their relationships, I commonly hear from clients worried about the adversarial nature of our court system. They worry that the system will make an already overwhelming process of separation and divorce even more confrontational.

The Center for Out of Court Divorce is a ‘new’ community resource to help those couples who would rather pursue their legal separation and the reconfiguring of their family structure and interactions amicably. (I put ‘new’ in quotes because the Center is actually a renamed entity after a pilot period at DU, now operating as an independent non-profit.)

“The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce provides a proven family-centered approach for couples with children who want to end their partnership or marriage through compassionate, holistic divorce resolution. This out-of-court process works in partnership with the legal system to offer financial and legal education, mediation and individual and family counseling. We empower parents by helping them avoid a court process that is often lengthy, expensive and conflicted in order to support the long-term well-being of families.”

To learn more, you can hear an interview about the Center from Colorado Public Radio’s Colorado Matters here.