Show Kindness to Raise Kindness

In order to raise children who are kind and compassionate, we must show them kindness and compassion. Much like children must see us regulating our emotions (e.g. to stay calm when we’re frustrated) to learn to do it, they must see us showing kindness and compassion to learn to do it. And, it’s not enough to model it and expect them to pick it up. We must help them learn how to show kindness.

Here are 12 Questions That Teach Kindness In Our Children.

“We teach our kids to ask questions of themselves about those around them. In doing so, we teach them how to pause before reacting and to see through the eyes of fellow humans.”

“ASK THEMSELVES (of others):

  1. How would that would make him feel?
  2. How would that make me feel?
  3. Look at her face: What do I think she’s thinking right now?
  4. Is she maybe feeling lonely or left out?
  5. What else might he be upset about?”

If you would like help instilling kindness in your children, call me to today to chat about how I can support you.