NYT’s Modern Love: Three Mothers, One Bond

“WE found out by text message. “Don’t get on the plane. The birth mother is unsure.” It was 6 a.m. in December in Seattle. A quiet stillness — the kind only possible after a month of winter rain… Read More

Five Trust Building Do’s from PsychologyToday.com

What’s needed in these times of diminished trust, are positive trust building “dos.” Want more trusting relationships at work? Here are five simple trust building dos that will enhance work relationships, no matter your role: 1. Operate with respect…. Read More

Stop & Smell the Roses Already Around You

As I come out of 2012, I look back and see the achievement of a major goal: I’ve stopped to smell the roses. As we enter the New Year together, I hear people commenting on how they’d like… Read More

“Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?”

In her May 2012 article, “Can you Call a 9-year Old a Psychopath?“, Jennifer Kahn explores the therapeutic and parental challenges that seems to surround children whose behavior falls well outside the bounds designated typical. Specifically, she looks… Read More

Listen Compassionately, No Need to Solve Right Away

Many people have asked me recently how to be present for their loved ones, how to listen well, and what to say in response to some very challenging feelings. First, know that it does take real effort, skill, and… Read More

Exercise, whether am or pm, is a boon for your well being

NYTimes Well Blog looks into “Why Afternoon May Be the Best Time to Exercise” By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Find the article at the link above.  A few quick notes of my own in italics:  But, Dr. Colwell says, that clock… Read More

An Intro to LeBauer Counseling

A brief video intro I made as part of a web-app development project with a colleague. While the description of my work isn’t comprehensive (yes, I work with people outside the age range I give in the video),… Read More

Managing Daily Anxiety – a few tips

An accessible, brief article on managing daily anxieties to avoid the pot boiling over. Not quite novel, but well said.“If you worry about everything, it will get in the way of what you really need to address,” she… Read More

See Denver Youth Achieving: cityWILD Spring Dinner

cityWILD is a bold effort to bring the typically exclusive world of outdoor experiential education to a broad non-traditional audience: low-income youth of color. For the past 14 years, we have been providing tuition-free, comprehensive experiential education programs… Read More

No Shit, Sherlock: “Deporting Parents Hurts Kids”

It concerns me that this distinction is an issue: families being torn apart by the Immigration Deportation regime. How can it be so taxing to differentiate between families and violent criminals. I have multiple client families where one… Read More