What are your habits for happiness?

You might have seen the HuffPost article, The Habits of Supremely Happy People, circulated. You can read it here.

So, which of these habits do you have? Here are some of my thoughts:

With some intense work over the past few years, I’ve managed to make 20 of these 21 pretty standard parts of my life. I’m glad to report the effort is paying off. The Boulder Center For Conscious Community (BC3) helped me in recent months gain a clarity and perspective on how to identify and embrace the happiness. I continue to work on the Spiritual piece. The Judaism Your Way High Holiday services with Caryn Aviv were meaningful and moving – an important step on finding the spiritual experience. I do my giving and find meaning and engagement in part through my work with cityWILD. To say I surround myself with happy (and fun and funny) people is an understatement. Gratitude and appreciation are practices made explicit throughout my day, for the seemingly mundane, the passing interaction, and the profound opportunities. Appreciation is also a go-to strategy for moving out of reactive brain into creative brain where positivity and abundance reside. Resilience is a tough one – it’s a muscle that takes work to tone, and atrophies when forgotten. There’s no greater experience in which I find flow than my work, helping people navigate their own paths to fulfillment and bliss. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings can attest to my love of music and dancing around, letting the spirit take me. That might be my most spiritual experience. What better way to unplug than scuba diving and meditating underwater on Bonaire with Ben Yaffe? Colorado’s about the easiest place to find reasons and means to get outside and get the blood flowing. Afternoon naps are my specialty – no longer than 30 minutes. If I were going to posit ideas to be studied as part of this list, I’d suggest vulnerability (BrenĂ© Brown) and humility and openness to learning from/with others. What are the ways you incorporate these 21 habits into your life? What are new strategies you can try to incorporate even more? Any fun strategies you’re willing to share with others wanting to learn?