Who seeks therapy and What for?

“Oh, I don’t care what we do for vacation. But, I don’t want to go too far… I don’t
want to just sit on the beach for a week… I don’t feel like Chinese tonight…”

“You always leave just the crumbs in the box… You never take out the garbage
before I ask.”

“I can’t find a way to make it happen… It just doesn’t get done… I’m worried he
won’t feel the same way… I’m going to look stupid if it doesn’t work out… What
will I do if they say no? I can’t afford to leave my job, and I can’t tolerate staying.”

If these statements sound familiar, you can benefit from therapy. Just learning why these statements lead to conflict and distress can help you lead a better life with happier relationships. You can learn to communicate more effectively and how to express your own opinion while respecting your partner’s opinion.
People use therapy for many reasons: growth, clarity, happiness, relief, direction, identity, communication skills, insight and understanding. If you feel tension bringing up sensitive topics with your spouse or partner, or you avoid them altogether, therapy can be helpful. If anger and fighting feel inevitable in decision-making, therapy can help you develop skills to come to mutually beneficial decisions. When people feel stuck, without options, controlled and criticized, they can use therapy to resolve the conflicts keeping them frozen.
In therapy, you can build skills alone or with your partner to resolve conflicts smoothly, enhance mutual decision-making and increase the intimacy and the support you hope for in your partnership.
Many individuals seek therapy to address symptoms of depression or anxiety, or to build confidence and develop one’s identity. Some seek therapy to resolve conflict with others or conflict they feel inside. Others seek therapy to stay on track and fine-tune the well-being they have achieved. For all of these concerns and more, I am available to work with you. If you or I feel that you would be served better by another professional, I will work with you to find the right person.
Many couples seek therapy to build communication skills early in the relationship, or when they are in or nearing crisis. With couples, my main goal is to restore a comfortable space for open communication and to build the skills needed to live well together. When couples can safely, comfortably express themselves and effectively listen to each other, they can get back to being in love and in partnership. The relationship can thrive and the partners can feel fulfilled as individuals and as a couple.
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